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Hoarding in Popular Culture

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Early this morning I ran into an interesting factoid on one of the support groups I am a part of. I thought I'd share what I just found out because I know some of you will find it interesting. This shows that; on occasion, popular television (other than A&E's Hoarders) has touched on the subject of hoarding.

I've left out names of the people who commented to protect their anonymity and added the images for visual purposes.

"Hoarding is known for affecting intelligent people more than others. I've always noticed that the apartment in Big Bang Theory does not have a visible wall. I just saw an episode where Sheldon Cooper put a broken computer into his storage unit. His unit, that he considers shameful, contains EVERYTHING Sheldon has ever owned. Sheldon Cooper is a hoarder. I thought there were no TV characters who were but Sheldon always was. He even has a bag with every toothbrush he's ever owned. He's highly organized but he's still a fictional representation of a hoarder."

Another commenter then types:

"Yes, even when he agreed to get rid of one thing, he slipped a golf ball back under the closing storage unit door."

This reminded me of "another generation of television."

FRIENDS also touched on the subject several times during its ten-year run. For example, you may remember the Episode "The One With The Secret Closet"

And the Episode "The One With The Yeti" when they were scared in their dark basement storage unit and "fogged" Danny.

And; of course, the famous Episode "The One With The Dirty Girl" which unfortunately is insensitive to some viewers.

Now that I've begun thinking of this, I've started wondering if it's been in other television series without me noticing! Can you think of any more examples?

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