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Non-Medical Respite Services

We provide temporary relief to a Primary Caregiver from the continuous support and care of an adult who is elderly and/or disabled and dependent on others.​

Private Business Respite To Recharge

Providing 24/7 care to a loved one is tolling, especially if you are struggling to be the best version of yourself. For anyone taking on full responsibility of loved one with complex needs or in a caregiver role, self-care and recharge time must be prioritized.

Benefits to Having a Personal Assistant for YOU the Care Giver
  • Reduce Chronic Stress

  • Improve Work-Life Balance

  • Increased Life Satisfaction

  • Prevent Burnout

  • Better Mental Health and Peace of Mind

  • Allow You to Complete Important Tasks

  • Allow You to Have Some Personal Time

  • Allow You to Reset Yourself

  • Give you Time to Run Errands

  • Give you Quality Time With Other Family Members

Benefits to Having a Personal Assistant for Your LOVED ONE
  • Improve Quality of Life

  • Respect for Life and Dignity

  • Improved Social Skills and Independence

  • Decreased Risk for Institutional Placement

  • Positive and Meaningful Care

  • Ensure Safe Area in Case of Pacing and Wandering

  • Help Develop Creative Therapies Such as Reality Orientation, Validation Therapy, Reminiscence Therapy

  • Assist with Mental Exercises and Activities to Prevent Boredom and Frustration

  • Encourage Cognitive Activities to Help Slow Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our team of Personal Assistants understand the disease and develop skills and attitudes that are helpful when working with seniors with Alzheimer’s or Dementia disease.



  • Do Not Take Frustrations Personally.

  • Put Themselves in Their Client’s Shoes.

  • Work With The Symptoms and Behaviors They See.

  • Collaborate With The Team.

  • Take Care of Themselves So They Can Take Care of Others.

  • Work With Family Members.

  • Remember the Goals of the Care Plan.

  • Safety is Their Priority.

  • Sensitive to the Big Adjustments Clients and Families May be Making.

  • Refer to Case Manager or Supervisor for Help if Needed.

Our respite care programs are flexible and provide you with exactly the kind of support you need, when you need it.

Your family will be matched with a qualified entrust team member, giving you the relief and confidence you need.

Available Supports Include:

  • Community Supports

  • In-Home Supports

  • At-Centre/ On-Site Respite

  • Planned Community Activities

  • Emergency Respite

  • Transitional Care

  • Private Support at Home

Respite Supports For Our Non-Medical Service When In a Facility.

There is support for you and your loved ones.

Weather you have a relationship with HHPA or we are just meeting, you can utilize the time of your PA to pack up and clean the home or accomplish any other task that need to be done before or after your loved one is moved to their new home. You will have a checklist from the facility, for items that need to be brought with your loved one and stuff you will have to do. For example you will have to have all clothes bedding and items labeled and washed. The family will have to move their loved one into the facility unpack and organize their stuff. 


Depending on what facility you go they all have their own list of requirements before your loved one can move in. Just another task to add to the long list of must does in this stressful time!   

If the loved one has been moved to a more secure facility it is beneficial to have a familiar face to help them settle in and keep their routine.  This is the hardest time for the family, usually they feel the guilt of putting their loved one into a secure facility even though it’s the best for your loved one’s own safety.  This decision changes everyone’s life, it is very stressful for family members to witness the confusion and extreme anxiety of your loved one, to say the least.  For your loved one to be taken away from what is familiar is very stressful.  The facility may need to medicate the senior so they can better manage the senior in this confusing time.  This is devastating for all and is a lot to deal with.


Helping Hands Personal Assistants has been assisting in this situation for many years and have years of experience and resources we can offer the family in these trying times. Utilizing our services will …

Make Your Life Easier.


Please check back soon for updates. 

If you require immediate assistance or would like information please contact us.

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