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Home Support and Personal Care Services

Sometimes all we need is some friendly help and companionship.

Do you find it difficult to complete the tasks you once were able to? 

Are you spending too much time doing repetitive things and not enough time doing the things you want to be doing?

Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by your "to-do list" and you just need a hand getting it all done?

Let HHPA be there to help you accomplish everything so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Popular Ways to Use Our Services

Senior Assistance

As we age, daily tasks become more daunting, difficult, and sometimes dangerous.

It can leave us feeling embarrassed, discouraged, and can greatly reduce our quality of life.

We want to help our seniors gain back their independence by doing things the way they want them done so they can spend their time enjoying life more.

These are some of the most memorable years, it's time to enjoy them.

Senior "Next Step" Companionship and Downsizing

Downsizing, Decluttering, Trimming Down, Transitioning To The Next step or Phase; whatever you choose to call it, can be difficult. Letting go of loved items is hard both emotionally and physically.


Family members may be too close to the situation to be helpful or are distant. You may feel like a burden.

You don't have to go through this process alone.

We are here to help be your support and go through the transition with you so you can feel better about your decisions and enjoy the next great stage in your life.

Personal Shopping

Getting out of the house; especially in winter months, can be difficult or dangerous for those who have mobility issues.

It can take up a lot of time and effort to get ready to go out and transportation options may be limited.

HHPA's are able to pick up groceries, supplies, or pick up / deliver items to and from family and friends for you.

Have a pet? 
There are options for them as well!

Need medications? We will get to know your pharmacist by picking up your prescriptions for you.

Estate Staging and Final Cleanup

At HHPA we believe in compassion and kindness.

Our goal is to be the company we would ask to provide services for our own families.

We understand how delicate situations may be and want to be the people you trust around the belongings of a loved one. 

Next of kin can be assured items are safe, organized, and taken care of while they take care of what's important.

Many people leave it until it's too late, so we recommend this service when arranging for and planning your estate.

Odd Jobs

The things that you've been meaning to do for so long but can't get around to. We do those too!

General assistance with lifting, carrying, moving, tidying, etc. We are versatile. 

Anyone at any age can enjoy the benefits of a Personal Assistant.

Sometimes we just don't have enough hands to get our goals accomplished. Many helping hands make for less work.

We walk dogs and feed pets too!

How It Works

Simply purchase a monthly package of time with our Personal Assistants. Then work with your Personal Assistant to develop an honest plan for your time together.

Each package can be tailored to-suit your needs for each visit.

We work with our clients to understand their individual goals, needs, lifestyles, routines, and wishes. We wish to compliment their quality of life and help maintain their independence.

Time packages can be used many different services, call today to find out more.




8 Hour Package
$454.78 including GST



10 Hour Package

$538.56 including GST



12 Hour Package

$610.36 including GST



16 Hour Package

$765.95 including GST

Our pricing is decided by addressing your exact needs. Above is the pricing for our Senior Personal  Assistance Packages. Pricing may vary depending on additional services if required.

To obtain a more accurate quotation or for more information, please contact us and we will book a discreet in-home assessment to discuss your specific circumstances with you and develop a plan that fits all of your wishes.

We will then provide you with a quality estimate.

Have questions? Ask us using the form below.



Thank you for reaching out!

If you require immediate assistance or would like information please contact us.

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