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Resources For Landlords and Property Managers

Let us help you navigate this delicate situation.

Our Services

Preventative Maintenance

We always prefer to work on creating a routine This helps people living with Hoarding Disorder; or behaviors, manage their situation over time. 

It is the most cost-effective and has the greatest positive impact on improving an tenant's quality of life.

A soft and supportive approach.


An HHPA is waiting to help your tenant build a brighter future.

We want to be a companion. They don't have to do this alone. We can be by their side and go through it together with them.


Harm Reduction Strategy

This is the minimum requirement needed for safety of a home and individual within it.

Harm Reduction Strategies are commonly utilized by family members, landlords, bylaw, social workers, healthcare workers, emergency services, landlords, and service technicians to allow safe access to the home.

Our experienced team knows how to be efficient and effective to make the best use of funding and finances.


We do so by focusing on areas of the home most commonly used, routes of travel, and emergency exits.

Crisis Cleanout

This is the most costly method and least compassionate option for those suffering.

Clients may be facing eviction or homelessness if they are unable to fully comply with required behaviors.

Time is critical; requiring a larger team and more coordination with our partners.

Anxiety and stress may also be contributing factors, requiring greater supports for those seeking help and for landlords dealing with eviction processes.

We try and make this action as supportive as possible so that additional anxiety can be avoided.


Estate Cleanup

Property management can be exhausting for anyone; especially when a large cleanup is involved.

Landlords might be caught off guard by being left with the burden of a large cleanup and not sure where to begin. 

At HHPA, we are experienced and compassionate. We understand this exact situation better than nearly anyone else.

Let us help you respectfully navigate 
belongings so you can focus on the other things.

Local Resources

"This Full House"

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If you require immediate assistance or would like more information please Contact Us.

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