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Wellness Checks

When you don’t hear from loved ones, it’s natural to feel concerned, especially when it comes to seniors. For many older people, even seemingly mundane injuries can be quite dangerous, even more so when seasonal temperatures reach extremes. Those living with mobility limitations are more at risk. A timely wellness check can bring peace of mind in a way that nothing else can.


Over the past couple of years, Wellness check-in programs have become more popular. There are a million reasons why someone might not answer a call or answer a knock at their door. Often, someone simply didn’t hear the knocking, their phone wasn’t charged, or something similarly innocuous occurred. But if you do have reason for concern, a quick wellness check can be a great way of bringing yourself peace of mind. Seniors are choosing to stay in their homes for as long as possible. In today’s world there are so many options for supports to help with these choices.

Helping Hands Personal Assistants have many services to support the wants and needs of seniors, one being the Wellness check-ins.


Outside of losing contact with someone, there are several more circumstances where a wellness check can be a smart idea. Checking on the elderly/loved ones in hot weather is a great example. Because elderly people are at greater vulnerability to heat related illnesses, as well as more vulnerable to the effects of hypothermia. If a fall caused someone to lose mobility, they may also lose the ability to defend themselves from large changes in temperature. In short, when seasonal weather kicks in, wellness checks can be increasingly important.


These kinds of services work best by a regular scheduled call from HHPA to your loved one.  If your loved one does not answer after several phone calls. We will follow the instruction as to the wellness check form that is filled out by the senior and or family member at the time of hiring HHPA.


Wellness checks are beneficial for you and your loved one in many ways.


  • Peace of mind

  • Improve quality of life

  • Independence

  • Dignity

  • Security that someone is always checking in on them

  • Socializing

  • Support through tough time

  • Someone to talk to

  • Helps with loneliness and depression

Please CLICK HERE to contact us to arrange this service for your family.

Wellness Check Pricing

Wellness Checks 20 Package

- includes 20, 10 minute phone calls.

Calls will be made once per day, five days a week (Monday - Friday)

Cost: $62.99 (includes GST and monthly are admin fee)

Wellness Checks 30 Package

- includes 40, 10 minute phone calls. Calls will be made once per day, seven days a week (Monday - Sunday)


Cost: $83.99 (includes GST and monthly admin fee)

Package Add Ons

A) Per minute add on after 10 minutes - $2.85 including GST

B) Add on in home visit (up to 1 hour) - $59.84 including GST. Please note in home visits must be booked in advance.

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