Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are specially tailored to suite your needs. 

We believe in being transparent about our fees and want to work within every budget. 

We want to be your trusted choice when it comes to cleaning. Let us add that personal touch you've been looking for.

How it works...

Step 1:Book a Free In-Home Estimate

Our experts meet with you to go over the details.

Step 2:Schedule The Initial Clean Date

Our team will help get us off to a great start.

Step 3:Pick How Often You Need Us Back.

We will return as often as you'd like.

Step 4: Enjoy Life On Your Terms.

     Let a Helping Hands Personal Assistant take care of the rest.

Our Standard Cleaning Includes:

  • Clean tub/shower /walls with warm water. 

  • Clean inside and outside toilet bowl.

  • Clean sink and vanity in the bathroom.

  • Clean the mirror. 

  • Shine faucets. 

  • Make bed.

  • Dust surfaces around nick-nacks.

  • Sweep / vacuum floors and rugs. 

  • Mop hard floor surfaces. 

  • Vacuum furniture.

  • Wipe coffee tables. 

  • Tidy up pillows and stuff on coffee tables. 

  • Wipe down countertops Stove tops.

  • Clean inside microwave.

  • Clean face of appliances clean sinks and taps. 

  • Empty waste cans.

  • Take out garbage. 

  • Pick up recycling.

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